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By: Igor Volsky on Jan 24, 2012 at 10:10 am

Gallup reports that while the uninsured rate has been increasing since 2008, climbing to 17.1 percent in 2011, “U.S. adults aged 18 to 25 — who are now allowed to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26 because of a provision of the 2010 healthcare law — are less likely to be uninsured than in previous years.” “The percentage of uninsured declined further in 2011 to 24.5%, from 27.6% in 2010 and 28.2% in 2009″ and young adults is the “only group Gallup tracks that has seen a significant decline in the percentage uninsured in 2011″:

Significantly, higher-income Americans who can afford to pay for the skyrocketing costs of health care and Medicare-insured seniors are two groups “among the least likely to be uninsured” and “have not seen an increase in the percentage uninsured over time.”


It’s the anniversary of Roe v Wade today, and pro-choice groups all over the country are holding or supporting events, including our state affiliates with RCRC.  Here at SYRF we’re joining Blog for Choice, by answering the question: What will you do to support pro-choice elected officials in 2012?


  1. Engage: SYRF doesn’t just believe in supporting elected officials votes, but in engaging with them as well.  With the help of our activist network we plan on continuing to recognize real champions in choice and doing our part to support their work by attending their town-halls, sending them our stories, and helping to mobilize their bases on the issues where they need support.
  2. Encourage: To show some additional love, SYRF and RCRC will once again deliver valentines to our Pro-Choice Superstars this February.  In the past, staffers have told us how much they appreciate these cheerful cards as an antidote to the somber or angry messages they are used to receiving.  Check back with SYRF closer to Valentine’s to find out how you can sign-on, and support our pro-choice members of congress.
  3. Educate: On our agenda for 2012 are several advocacy trainings and hill days operating at the national, and importantly, the state level.  Later this year, for example, SYRF’ers will be part of a pro-choice caucus speaking to legislatures in the Florida State House.
  4. Empower: As always, SYRF will be working hard to keep our youth network engaged in important issues, and to continue to provide trainings, materials and grants to help them with their local advocacy work.  Advocacy at the local level is an important way to let elected official know their constituents expect legislation that is  pro-choice, and pro-reproductive justice.


How are you supporting choice in 2012? Where you involved in any pro-Roe events this week? Leave us comments below, and let us know what you’ve been up to!

By: Megan Lieff  Intern for SYRF
With the new year starting, many have their eye on goals and accomplishments for the coming months.  From the suppression of youth voters to access to reproductive health services,  SYRF  certainly has plenty of issues we’ll be busy with.  For a small break in the daily grind, though, let’s take a look at all the amazing work we accomplished in 2011 – SYRF’ers have a lot to be proud of right now!  Here’s our first five, in no particular order…..

  • The 1 in 3 Campaign: In partnership with Advocates for Youth and Choice USA, we launched our 1 in 3 Campaign.  Based on the idea that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime, the 1 in 3 campaign is bridging gaps between pre and post Roe women, to share their experiences with abortion and start more conversations.  You can get involved here by joining our pledge or sharing about your own activist work.
  • Breaking Waves: Last March we launched this very blog! Covering everything from health statistics to specific legislation, Breaking Waves has featured posts by our own Angela, partners at Advocates for Youth and guest posts from a variety of speakers, including one article originally featured  in the Huffington Post.
  • Pro-Choice Youth Week of Action: In reaction to HR3 and HR358 (The No Taxypayer Funding for Abortion and Protect Life Acts) we, along with Advocates for Youth and Choice USA, held telephone and e-briefings on the legislation, provided an advocacy training and organized a “youth call in day” to help put pressure on legislators.
  • NO! on 26: Our SYRF organizers, along with other activists, including folks from RCRC, worked tirelessly to help defeat Mississippi’s personhood legislation this past November.  With over 55% voting against the bill, residents of Mississippi showed their support for women’s health and religious freedom.
  • New Trainings: Last January we held a SYRF summit in Columbus, OH to discuss the importance of advocacy at the state level.  Discussions focused on topics such as sexuality and the importance of faith in the pursuit of justice.  Later, in August, we also held our pilot movement-building training in Tampa, FL.  The training was well attended with participation from students, community organizers and faith leaders across the south east, and led to collaborations with the local Planned Parenthood and ACLU.

We’ll be back in Part Two with five more moments from 2011, and a closer look at our goals for 2012.   And what about you? Leave us some love in the comments about the amazing work you all have you been working on through your schools, community groups or spiritual organizations