What can YOU do to honor Roe v. Wade?

January 23, 2012

It’s the anniversary of Roe v Wade today, and pro-choice groups all over the country are holding or supporting events, including our state affiliates with RCRC.  Here at SYRF we’re joining Blog for Choice, by answering the question: What will you do to support pro-choice elected officials in 2012?


  1. Engage: SYRF doesn’t just believe in supporting elected officials votes, but in engaging with them as well.  With the help of our activist network we plan on continuing to recognize real champions in choice and doing our part to support their work by attending their town-halls, sending them our stories, and helping to mobilize their bases on the issues where they need support.
  2. Encourage: To show some additional love, SYRF and RCRC will once again deliver valentines to our Pro-Choice Superstars this February.  In the past, staffers have told us how much they appreciate these cheerful cards as an antidote to the somber or angry messages they are used to receiving.  Check back with SYRF closer to Valentine’s to find out how you can sign-on, and support our pro-choice members of congress.
  3. Educate: On our agenda for 2012 are several advocacy trainings and hill days operating at the national, and importantly, the state level.  Later this year, for example, SYRF’ers will be part of a pro-choice caucus speaking to legislatures in the Florida State House.
  4. Empower: As always, SYRF will be working hard to keep our youth network engaged in important issues, and to continue to provide trainings, materials and grants to help them with their local advocacy work.  Advocacy at the local level is an important way to let elected official know their constituents expect legislation that is  pro-choice, and pro-reproductive justice.


How are you supporting choice in 2012? Where you involved in any pro-Roe events this week? Leave us comments below, and let us know what you’ve been up to!


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